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Welcome to IXTrans, a leading courier provider trusted all over the world. With a expansive array of courier and goods delivery services, our transport solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of any business.


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Parcel courier services

tailored for

Singapore businesses

Parcel Courier Services Tailored for Singapore Businesses

Regardless of your industry, you can rely on our professionalism. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a trader, an importer or exporter or run an e-commerce business, IXTrans can provide urgent courier services to more than 200 countries and territories, meaning that whatever you’re shipping and wherever it’s going, it’ll arrive quickly and safely.

Conducted entirely by trusted, big-name transportation companies, this service see your package delivered by the end of the next possible business day. The ideal options for the most demanding companies on the most exact timeframes, this service puts the world at your fingertips. All the tracking and reporting benefits of our economy service with express transit times.

IXTrans is a transportation company with many years’ of experience in logistics throughout Asia. We have been designing best Singapore courier service solutions for logistics services and shipping services in Singapore to ensure that our Customers get the best courier delivery service, at the best possible rates.

At IXTrans, we know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach for freight, so we offer a variety of options for businesses:

  • Worldwide coverage to more than 220 countries and territories
  • Shipping Service in Singapore
  • International Express Parcel delivery
  • International Document delivery
  • Heavyweight Economy service
  • Courier Service Singapore
  • Gift delivery Services

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